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Phone: +45 44 89 10 00

Opening hours:
Mon-thursday: 8.00 -16.00
Friday: 8.00 -15.00
Weekends: Closed 

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Guideline on how to complete the free text field of the contact formula (find contact formular below)
Protection of your personal data is important to Toms and Toms complies with applicable data protection legislation. The data protection rules entail i.e. that Toms may only process personal data that is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to pursue the purposes. Therefore, Toms may only collect and retain the personal data about you and other physical persons that is necessary for the handling of your specific inquiry. 

We therefore recommend you only to submit information that is strictly necessary for us to handle your inquiry.

Usually, it is not necessary to submit sensitive personal data about you or other persons such as information on specific diseases, allergies, disabilities, etc. Such health-related information is regarded as sensitive personal data and is in most cases unnecessary for Toms to precede your inquiry. However, in some cases, it might be necessary for Toms to know that a person is disabled or allergic to specific foods in order for Toms to facilitate access to premises and/or provide special catering. In these situations, we kindly request that you do not submit the name or any other information that might identify the person(s) in question as this is not necessary for Toms for said purposes. Further, we kindly request that you do not submit your or other's CPR-numbers as such information is not necessary for Toms.

If, in rare cases, you deem it necessary for Toms to know the identity (e.g. to know exactly who is suffering from a special allergy), please contact Toms by phone (see below) before you submit any sensitive information.

Press statements
Inquiries about press statements must be made with the contact form, or contact Toms Gruppen on: +45 44 89 10 70.
All other inquiries are kindly asked to use the contact form or call our main number: +45 44 89 10 00

We would appreciate hearing from you, if you experience that one of our products do not meet your expectations. In order to perform a thorough examination of your complaint, we need the following information: the bar code, production and expiry date and place of purchase. We would like to have a picture of the product and the flaw. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to save the original item (and any foreign objects) with the original packaging. After receiving your complaint, we will contact you by letter or email and inform you of any steps we take in treating your complaint.
Our processing times are normally up to 4 weeks. During holidays our responses can be delayed further.

Anonymous requiries
If you want to contact the Toms Group anonymously, your are welcome to send us a letter to: Toms Allé 1, DK - 2750 Ballerup.

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