Yankie bar

Yankie Bar: The American Dream from Denmark

In the post-war period, Toms sold quite a lot of products to the US army in Germany. The American soldiers asked Toms whether they could - please - produce a bar like the ones the soldiers knew from back home. So Toms invented invented a toffee and nougat bar, covered with delicious milk chocolate. Voilà: the Yankie Bar!

The Yankie Bar is the oldest chocolate bar in Denmark, and Toms deliberately misspelled ‘Yankie’ (with an ie) and not the American “Yankee” due to its Danish origin.

The same recipe, but now also available in a new almond version

The recipe for Toms Yankie Bar is virtually the same as in 1946, but the awareness of the chocolate bar is astronomical - an impressive 90% of the Danes know Toms Yankie Bar. In 2017 a new family member saw the light of day - Yankie Almond! The same delicious taste, but with chopped, roasted almonds.

Sheer enjoyment

The best mix of Denmark’s tastiest bars, in a bag with three different Toms Mini Bars: Yankie Original, Yankie Almond and Holly Original. Perfect for an informal dessert and for cosy moments with family and friends.

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