Toms Gold Bars

Delicious, in spite of age

Toms Guld Barre saw the light of day in 1932, and the product remains an all times favourite with the Danes. After all, you can be delicious regardless of age! Guld Barre acquired its name in the interwar period, when cocoa prices were sky-rocketing: A Toms employee, who was a big chocolate lover, mentioned that: “given the prices, we might just as well cast products in pure gold!” This is how the name Guld Barre was born. The two first varieties were cream and bitter.

Classics in a new size and packaging

Most recently, Toms re-launched the Guld Barre in a new format and a new, golden packaging. The popular bar also comes in a multitude of new flavours with other popular mouth-watering Toms products in the chocolate. Dronning Mandler, Heksehyl, Chocofant and Kæmpe Skildpadde have all had the great honour of being “molded in gold”. We call it: Toms-in-Toms.

Great mini novelties

Toms Mini Guld Barre is available in a new mini format. It is the perfect sweet accompanying a cup of coffee, for sharing with guests and at parties. Ideal for both children, adults, and for short breaks and long talks - with Milk, Skildpadde and Mint filling.

An abundance of delicious minis

We have put together a mini version of the most popular and beloved Toms varieties in elegant boxes – perfect to take away - Mini Favoritter and Festival.

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