Toms Giant Chocolate Turtle

Slow food from Denmark

The first Toms Skildpadde appeared in 1948, inspired by the tropical leatherback sea turtles, which washed ashore at North Zealand in Denmark. The turtles hit the news and an idea was born. In 1967 the Toms Skildpadde grew into a Kæmpe Skildpadde, when it acquired the look we know and love today - huge, with a mouth-watering toffee filling.

Toms Giant Chocolate Turtle is a Danish national treasure: to such an extent that an impressive 98% of the population knows it.

Denmark’s best-selling animal

Toms Giant Chocolate Turtle is Denmark’s best-selling piece of chocolate. Every year about 41 million Toms Skildpadder are consumed. Danes are crazy about Toms Giant Chocolate Turtle, while Toms Guld Barre with Toms Chocolate Turtle (a Toms-in-Toms product) is one of the best-selling Guld Barre flavours.

Enjoy it at a slow pace

Toms Mini Chocolate Turtle is the perfect size for a sweet accompaniment to coffee or dessert, or for a cosy get-together… Thus we have made a bag of the sweet, wrapped Toms Mini Chocolate Turtle – a bag that will guarantee delight, whatever the occasion.

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