What liquorice are you wearing?

Toms has always kept up with the times. What interests the Danes? What are they talking about? And what are they wearing? Not quite so much the latter as the first, but in the 1970s when jeans took over from all other types of trousers, it still provided food for thought in Ballerup.

What kind of liquorice can never go out of fashion?

The button to complete a great bowl of sweets

All that thought resulted in a sweet, slightly hard, salmiac liquorice pastille shaped like a trouser button and packed in denim-texture bags – We call it Blue Jeans. In true Toms style, they hit the mark immediately, and today they are an indispensable classic among Danish liquorice lovers.

A great selection of candy

Welcome to our huge Toms Candy shop. We have something for everyone, whether you are into salt liquorice, soft liquorice, wine gums, foam or candy sticks.

Popular bags of candy

Toms candy bags comes in loads of different flavours, shapes and colours. We have done our very best to mix all our familiar classics. We hope there is one of your favourites among them.

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