Candy Sticks

Every success has a reason

At Toms it was the Candy Sticks! The sticks were not initially a success. They needed to grow big and (in some cases) strong before they became the well-known classics they are today.

Chocofant, Tivoli Stænger, Ama’r Stænger, Karamella, Cola Stænger… They go by many names!

Once upon a time there was – a Candy Stick

Many years ago Toms experimented with wrapping up a sweet white filling in liquorice. The ancestor of all our Candy Sticks was a reality: Ama’r Stangen. After that came Tivoli Stang, Chocofant, Heksehyl and all the others. The rest is history…

At Toms, we make great Candy Sticks

One is not always enough. So now you can get all your favourites in mixed bags. An array of glories, all made on the basis of the same manufacturing method, invented when the first Ama’r Stang saw the light of day in the 1950s.

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