Meet our iconic products

Do you love candy and chocolate in any shape or size? Rest assured. You are now entering the biggest candy and chocolate universe in Denmark, featuring popular classics and all the new exciting varieties. The Toms range includes chocolate, wine gums, liquorice and cream-filled chocolates.

Toms celebrating 100 years!

On the occasion of Toms 100th birthday a new limited edition Gold Barre has been launched. The new Gold Barre is filled wih popping candy and has a flavour of strawberry.

Toms Gold Bars

“You might as well be selling real gold”

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Toms Golden Toffee

Our little Golden Classic.

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Toms Yankie Bar

Yankie Bar is the oldest chocolate bar in Denmark.

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Toms Kæmpe Skildpadde (Giant Chocolate Turtle)

Denmark’s best-selling animal.

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Toms Pingvin Candy

Classics that never go out of fashion.

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Toms Pingvin Sticks

Some of the most popular sticks in Denmark.

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